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From todays @I_Am_The_ICT live stream

“Implied FVG” - 1min $NQ

Large Bodies, measure the wicks between a large body candle to get C.E. of both wicks/tails that “engulf” that large body candle.

You have to watch it and take your own notes, pretty crazy :)

You can clearly see, the rare occurence when the unicorn appears where price is supported! That’s it’s called the 🦄 model (BRK + FVG) $ES 5min Example ;-)

Had fun with MindMaps this weekend and the @I_Am_The_ICT Bridge Builder video. I love MindMaps and used them years ago very successful, so trying to implement them more in my learning process.

ICT Bridge Builder MindMap

$ES Entry Model Long 1min…

Can’t be unseen, once it’s burned in.

5 min & 1min chart on #TradingView

5min ES chart on TradingView

1min ES chart on TradingView

There seems no VolumeImbalance indicator available for #Ninjatrader 👀
Still in early beta, but this is fun :-) 🤓 (First NT code ever for me!)

Thanks for the inspiration @28_trader and @IamMas7er

Perfect $ES Retirement Setup in in ODR session today 6R

Am I’m doing this correct for my Rente @IamMas7er? :-) Not traded, because outside of Killzone (my rules)…

5min ES

5min ES with the structure

1min FVG ICT YT2022 model 1min ES FVG YT2022 Model

You see it? :-)

What a nice #MMSM on ES 5min chart today!

ES 5min Chart on TradingView


  • Bearish Bias (Bullish DXY)
  • 60min HTF Raid BSL + PDH taken
  • 5min Shift in Structure
  • #MMSM forming
  • 1. Entry LRS after Smart Money Reversal
  • 2. Entry Re-Distribution FVG/OB 💎
  • Target FVG below London Open
  • 1:4 RR Bagged&Tagged 💰

Listened to @I_Am_The_ICT Twitter Space today and afterward had a quick look at #BTCUSD. Since I haven’t looked at it for a while and not trade it…

Monthly chart. you see it? #MMSM could be totally wrong, beause it’s crypto ;-)

Sharing my end-of-week journal for $ES this time also here in public. This is what I add to my journal book for the overvall week.

ES Week 10/24 journal