I love this book everyday a bit more.

My most used β€žtoolsβ€œ while reading price action, helps me to stay patient. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Not the cleanest #MMxM from NY AM session today $ES

But I took some things into account we learned the last couple of weeks from @I_Am_The_ICT Mentorship 2023 so far. Still lots of things to learn but step by step…

TradingView ES 1min chart

Mellow Market - @TradingView Chart color scheme

Introducing the Mellow Market @TradingView color scheme - a soothing and eye-strain free palette perfect for charts. With the help of AI, I created a beautiful combination of colors that enhance readability and reduce fatigue. Mellow Market is a calm and soothing color scheme for charts, designed to prevent eye strain. The light grey background is complemented by soft, relaxing shades of green for upclose/bullish candles and a harmonious tone of red for downclose/bearish candles.

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From todays @I_Am_The_ICT live stream

“Implied FVG” - 1min $NQ

Large Bodies, measure the wicks between a large body candle to get C.E. of both wicks/tails that “engulf” that large body candle.

You have to watch it and take your own notes, pretty crazy :)

You can clearly see, the rare occurence when the unicorn appears where price is supported! That’s it’s called the πŸ¦„ model (BRK + FVG) $ES 5min Example ;-)

Finished reading: The New Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder πŸ“š

Recommended reading, I liked the first few chapters about psychology and risk management. I skipped the technical indicator section because that’s not what I trade or like to trade.

I found the first few chapters extremely helpful and and I pulled out more value compared to Trading In the Zone from Mark Douglas.

So if you are searching for a trading related book that covers psychology in trading and risk management I can recommend it.

Had fun with MindMaps this weekend and the @I_Am_The_ICT Bridge Builder video. I love MindMaps and used them years ago very successful, so trying to implement them more in my learning process.

ICT Bridge Builder MindMap

If you search for a Futures Prop-Firm (no CFD) have a look at APEX.

This promo is interesting because 50% is also valid for recurring months (eval). No time limit. Trade Copiers allowed.

APEX Valentine Promo


$ES Entry Model Long 1min…

Can’t be unseen, once it’s burned in.

5 min & 1min chart on #TradingView

5min ES chart on TradingView 1min ES chart on TradingView