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Since I get asked a lot which tools I use to trade and prepare things for a trading day, here are the tools I use:


For everything scanning and finding setups for my daily preparation as well as searching and charting the SundaySwing ideas I use TrendSpider*. If you use the code 10TS you get 10% off if you sign up and after your trial I share my list of #TheStrat scanners (approx. 40) for free with you if you like, just hit me up at contact.


The king of charts, but I mostly use it for charting unusual time frames like 2days, or 195minutes or 3 Months (Qtr) or 12Months. Because TrendSpider offers not the flexibility for that type of charting.If you sign up with this link TradingView* and oyu get $30 off any paid plan.

* All links with an (*) marked are affiliate links, so if you sign up using these links I’ll get a small provision and you don’t have to pay anything extra. If you like to support my work, use one of the links please!