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Easy usage of the @Tradytics Discord Bot with @Alfredapp

PSA: I know the intersection is small, but I wanted to share this anyway.

Since I started using Tradytics more for extra confidence when finding posible #TheStrat setups, with more targets to chose the “better” contract expiration or strike, i created a Alfred-Workflow to use the Discord-Bot commands a lot quicker.

This might be only useful to the 2 people out there, that use the following tools:

This is how it looks in Alfred: Tradytics Discord Alfred Workflow

Here is a short video, showing it in action.


Quick documentation on how to use the workflow

I implemented most of the available Discord commands for the Tradytics Discord Bot. For an overview look there.

Alfred Command

So far 4 different “layers” for the commands are implemented:


Also, you can use the commands directly when typing into a text-field prefixed with an !:


Customize the Workflow in Alfred and add memorable Hotkeys for yourself. I did not enable them in the workflow I provide, to not override any of you already used hotkeys.

In the Alfred Preferences -> Workflows -> Select the Workflow and the predefined Hotkey Trigger and add a Hotkey. Example would be CTRL-CMD-F when in Discord for the Tradyflow command.

Alfred Hotkey Settings

In the “Related Apps” Tab Discord is defined, so that the Hotkey only works when Discord has focus.

How to get it?

Send me a mail to and I will send you the Alfred Workflow file. I don’t charge anything for this, but if you like it I would be happy to get some feedback and also share the infos to the world.

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