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Support and tip me if you like, everything stays free!

Now and then I get some DMs or E-Mails with questions if there is a way to tip me some 💵 to support my work.
To be honest, I haven’t even thought about that, and I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to ask me, because I have no subscription service or anything else and don’t plan to do this.

I’m happy to help others learning to trade #TheStrat and if you find my content valuable, feel free to share it so that more people can get access to that.

I will never ask you, but if you’re still thinking about tipping me, I added a PayPal Me René link to my About Page.

Please understand that I cannot provide extras or support for donors, so please see this really as a tip, nothing more! Thanks! 🙏

PayPal is the only way I can provide as donation service, because neither Venmo, Cashapp or Twitter tips are avaiable here in Germany.

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