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Recap of my trading day 11/05 with #TheStrat

TL;DR No recap today, because I didn’t traded.

Long version:
I knew that I will have a stressful day at work so I couldn’t have time to play 0dte contracts today, because I like my money and don’t hate it. I even didn’t set up any alerts or painted charts for my usually Friday Lotto 🎟️ list, to not start and try something out and then have no time to watch it.

Recap is here for myself to remind me to stay focused and not start to gamble again and if I read this later here, I do not get the impression of missing a recap with trades I took.

Will do some charting this weekend for swings (shorter term) into the next 1-2 weeks and will post them on my blog when finished.

Have a great weekend!

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