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Incredible #SundaySwing results from October #TheStrat

I’m really surprised how good swing plays work when playing them #TheStrat-style. Here are some results from my October ideas I posted on my blog.

I know the title sounds bolt, but I looked up the tickers from my October #SundaySwing ideas and was really impressed. Not only that there were multiple baggers, but also most of them made profits, of course there are some failed ideas, but with stops set tight, it limits the losses and the profits of the other ideas are outperforming them.

Feel free to look them up from the October ideas here:

Note: The above prices and exits as well as the percentage gained are taken from the time of the entry trigger to the high of a contract. Some of them I traded, in some I’m still in, but keep in mind that those are not all real profits I made.

I described them all in detail with entries and my thoughts, so I hope that helps others trying to learn #TheStrat as well.

Disclaimer: I’m not a fincanical advisors and the ideas are provided just for my documentation and journey trading with #TheStrat. No trading advice at all, you have to look up your trades for yourself and do your own due dilligence!

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