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Recap of my trading day 9/16 with #TheStrat

After the red day yesterday were every alert failed, let’s check today. But I read that some of you made quick profits, so I’m bullish :-)

$BAC hit - triggered and was a quick one! (quick as in fast 10 minutes!) .69 -> ~.80 = 15% I call it win.
$BA fail - triggered and never was profitable
$MRNA hit - also a quick trade but @parksters made profit, so I’ll take it as a win 2.55 -> ~3.30 = ~30%
$APPS fail - looked so juicy yesterday, gapped at open up and then failed.
$PINS fail - looked good but after trigger it failed

2 out of 3 profitable, but I’ll be honest, not the best alerts, especially MRNA risk/reward was bad, on the other side 30% are 30%!

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