Recap of my trading day 9/15 with #TheStrat

Tried to scalp today and didn’t play the daily alerts I set up, doesn’t worked well. My 4 scalp trades on NVDA and TWTR all failed after an actionable signal on the 60, 15, 5m, so I stopped trading for the rest of the day.

Anyways… let’s see how the alerts did…

$NIO fail - theoretically it would have been profitable, but only 5 minutes time window
$NVDA fail - triggered and after small profit of maybe 10% it failed
$TSM fail - triggered and failed like NVDA
$SNAP fail - next fail…

Wow, what a shit show for the alerts as well.

Worst day for me since trading #TheStrat Now trying to backtest and see why I failed today on every single trade, I’ve still no idea.