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Mellow Market - @TradingView Chart color scheme

Introducing the Mellow Market @TradingView color scheme - a soothing and eye-strain free palette perfect for charts. With the help of AI, I created a beautiful combination of colors that enhance readability and reduce fatigue.

Mellow Market is a calm and soothing color scheme for charts, designed to prevent eye strain. The light grey background is complemented by soft, relaxing shades of green for upclose/bullish candles and a harmonious tone of red for downclose/bearish candles. The wicks and borders are a deep blue-grey, providing a good contrast while remaining easy on the eyes.

TradingView Example with Mellow Market Color Scheme

When it comes to drawing rectangles and lines on the chart, a soft, light yellow color complements the scheme nicely, adding a touch of contrast without overwhelming the soothing atmosphere. For text, a dark grey tone harmonizes perfectly with the background, providing good contrast without causing eye strain.

Here’s the list of colors for the Mellow Market scheme, including the complementary colors:

Complementary Colors:

In summary, Mellow Market is the perfect color scheme for traders who seek a calming, soothing environment in which to work.

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