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Some Flow-based ideas I found via @Tradytics

In addition to my #SundaySwing ideas, I had some time and passion to dive into some of the @Tradytics tools. It’s such a powerful website that I use since a few months and still have a lot to learn.
So here are some flows I found looking at it.

Since Options-Flow is fascinating to me, I try to pour some of it into my trades, but keep in mind that I’m at a Novice-Level for such flow-trades. Just my ideas and I may overlook a lot of things, which some of the more experienced Flow-Xperts see as soon as they look at it too.

If you want to try Tradytics for yourself, the link is a referral, so if you find that service helpful and want to try it for yourself, I would appreciate it, if you use that link to support me.

How I found these setups

Finding those flows for now, is still a Trial&Error for me. I usually filtering for high volume short expiration directional flows, like Calls bought above $250k in premiums and so one. Still tuning and testing some filters. When I found a flow that looks interesting to me, I look at it without filters, to make sure to not oversee some spreads etc.


I have found some good looking flows and will share two of them here that look good to me. But I’m also very very open for feedback to learn if I overlooked something that makes those flows non-unusual.

$HP 3/18 35c

Unusual heavy flow of over $700k in Premiums on Friday 2/4 into the 3/18 35c contract. Looking from a #TheStrat view in addition, it has FTFC up and is on all major timeframes in a 2u and green.
If you have a Tradytics account you can view the Options Dashboard for youself.

$HP Liveflow $HP Topflow
Live Flow from Friday without any filters, as well as the overall Top contracts for $HP

$LVS 2/25 45c

Very short expiration and nearly ITM. Over $700k in premiums, no earnings but maybe someone knows something. From #TheStrat view, bullish as well, FTFC up.

symbol symbol symbol
Strictly Bullish and Trady Algoflow switched to bullish because of that huge $700k flow from Friday.

So nothing more than 2 flows I found I can share here. Please keep in mind that I won’t share those flow-ideas on a regular schedule. I had some time this weekend and tried to understand Tradytics better, this way helps me to learn such tools.

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