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Recap of my trading day 11/03 with #TheStrat

The recap is a quick one today, because I had no time to trade, looked how my ideas I posted this morning worked today and being a bit sad. But just a little bit, because tomorrow is a new day and since there is always another trade, there will be another opportunity to make some money.

However, to document my ideas, here are the results of the ideas that triggered.

Todays results are not my gains, because I didn’t traded. The numbers today are from entry at trigger to high of day! I usually don’t report such numbers, so I want to point that out.

Will do some charting after a stressful day at work now and listen to some music while painting charts in the evening is far more relaxing and fun that I thought.
Will come up with some ideas for tomorrow later, no glue if I have the time to trade tomorrow.

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