Recap of my trading day 11/01 with #TheStrat

As written yesterday on my #SundaySwing post, I did not scalp anything today, watched the swing stocks instead.

  • $PCAR 12/17 95c - 🎯 entered after it triggered and seemed to hold strong (1.05)
  • $KSS 12/17 60c - 🎯 far OTM but plenty of time, also triggerd from my watchlist and entered this morning (.80)

Nothing more, was relaxed as written yesterday and learned some new things regarding flow as well as watched some flows and bought some small positions on $AAPL 11/05 152.5c.

Getting used to swing plays with some time to expiration, made things so much easier to follow and trade and no need to hurry if a price not instantly goes in my direction.