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Recap of my trading day 10/29 with #TheStrat

Last day of October, for #TheStrat: close of month, week, day and 60m. Starting fresh on Monday into a new month.
That being said, today was weird for my setups. 3 out of 6 setups I had triggered, but 0dte plays are risky and I learned a few things too, again…

$HD 370p 🛑 - triggered right at open for the 2-1-2 bearish Reversal but failed immediately, thankfully it was on an uptrend again before I could enter and decided to stay away from it.
$NVDA 255c 🛑 - also triggered at open because of a pump. Got in a bit late at 1.20, it went flat and I decided to cut at 1.01. Of course… it went up after I exited and even got ITM. So for others this were profitable, congrats!
$NUE 112c 🎯 - play of the day and covered the NVDA loss by a good portion. .96 -> 1.30 for 36% profit! 💰️ Also I exited on a reversal on the 5min chart, went down to .48 and 2 hours later traded at over 2.30! crazy day…

What I learned today, again… I played $HD bearish but it was at Full-TimeFrame-Continuity up, didn’t waited for a reversal to post this idea. On the $NVDA loss, 0dte are risky which showed my loss and later a possible big gain, especially when price is flat, Theta eats up all the premium and option prices decay and maybe it was better to cut, to hold it longer and loss possibly more money.

Have a great weekend!

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