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Recap of my trading day 10/28 with #TheStrat

Trying to stay consistent with those recaps, have only watched 3 tickers today and had also mixed feeling if bullish or bearish on those.
Out of those 3 $FB was a play in both directions with a hughe move intraday down and up and down again.

$FB 305p 🎯 - triggered right at open, got in a little late, but still made profits 1.41 -> 1.90 (was up at 2.20) = 35% 💰️
$PTON 92c 🔕 - no trigger, was close during day and hit trigger with the last 15m candle, but nope
$QCOM 133c 🛑 - triggered as well but stay flat, got out breakeven .74 -> .74, so I call this a loss.
$FB 330c 🎯 - there it is again, beauty! late in the day, still profits! 1.18 -> 1.60 (was up at 2.20!) = 35% 💰️

Also started to watch some flows today and selected a few that looked promising to me for a papertrade, no experiments with real money yet. But nothing new to report, still learning and comparing to my charts view a #TheStrat-Point-of-View.

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