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Recap of my trading day 10/27 with #TheStrat

Last recap is from 10/20, so being a bit lazy on these recaps, but I also didn’t traded that much and concentrated on some of the swing plays Iwrote about, so not many daytrades. And since I currently try to learn and understand a few new things to - hopefully - improve my trading, I take the time to learn, instead to trade.

There is always another trade. Always!

But since today, in some of my ideas I got in and worked, I’m in a good mood to write a short recap.

$AMD 115p 🔕 - I still don’t understand why TrendSpider activated my trigger here, it never broke down through my entry. No trade.
$NET 172.5p 🎯 - triggered early and stayed flat, however made some profit 1.08 -> 1.26 = 16% 💰️
$BA 200p 🎯 - short and on point trade for 25%, called it outright on trigger and entered at .60 -> .76 💰️
$FSLY 49p 🎯 - before lunch time trigger, didn’t take it because was not on the desk, and sadly that would’ve been the trade of the day for me. .67 -> 1.35 (at close) = 100%
$CHWY 67p 🔕 - triggerd in the last hour of the day, didn’t take it no trade

Those recaps help me a lot to develop and improve my trading, so I’m a bit sad that I didn’t wrote it the last couple of days and have to get better at it. Current attention has moved slightly from 100% #TheStrat-plays to 95% and 5% paper trades with a new system as written above. If there are any news or I see an improvement I will definitely let you know.

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