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Recap of my trading day 10/15 with #TheStrat

Some winners, some losers, still thinking that gap on $SPY & $QQQ will get filled, but was wrong the last 2 days. So maybe we just go on and on? 🤷‍♂️

Let’s see how my setups for Lotto Friday 🎟️ worked out:

$TWTR 64c 🛑 triggered and failed
$CHWY 62.5p 🛑 triggered and failed
$ATVI 76p - no trigger
$NVDA 220c 🚀 triggered at open LMT (Profit taker) order was working and helping here to get & out quick on profits. 105%

As posted earlier, sometimes you need a little extra luck. This happened to me at the TRIP lotto. Was above 37.60 in pre-market so I set up a MKT order with a profit-taker and stop-loss attached. Got a good fill at .30 and had even mor luck because it gapped up again. 150% profit in 3 minutes. 🚀

Will scan for trades into next week right after the OPEX one, loads of inside bars on the past week now, so should get interesting for some tickers 🤞

Have a great weekend!

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