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Recap of my trading day 10/13 with #TheStrat

couldn’t be more happier with todays outcome! still trying and backtesting everyday and planning trades with triggers for the next day, getting better, now consistency is main focus, not the profits.

I had 4 conditional MKT orders set up as posted yesterday with the triggers I prodvided. Let’s see which triggered and how they played out:

$DKNG 48p - 🛑 no trigger
$ORCL 95p - 🛑 no trigger
$V 220p - 🚀 1.15 -> 2.55 (was up at 2.90), left one runner after 35% and sold manually 💰️
$AMD 107c - 🚀 .97 -> 2.80 (was up at 3.20 today!), also left one runner, sold at 2.80 💰️

2 out of 4 triggers and both hit today is a great success, now I try to kepp it consistent. Losers are always there as well, but as long as some triggers hit like today everything is green on the portfolio.

Now on to scanning for tomorrow, key is to concentrate on 4-5 setups again, if no trigger I’m happy as well, because no money lost if if turns around.

If I find some time this week I’ll write something up on how I set those automatic trades up and still limit losses and take profit.

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