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Recap of my trading day 10/11 with #TheStrat

What a market. Based of my #SundaySwing Ideas from yesterday I only traded two plays today.

$BA 240c 🚀 triggered my 229.94 weekly 2u, I got in at 1.45, exited at 1.84 30% (with a proper LMT order I could’ve sold these at around 1.95) $AAPL 155c - triggered as well, but no good setup, so no trade.

The 2nd play, was $AMD on the breakout on the 60m for a short 108c 10/15 1.06 -> 1.20 = 12% 🚀.

So nothing fancy today, but since Mondays are normally for me always watching and letting the week open, I’m happy with the profits.

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