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Recap of my trading day 10/1 with #TheStrat

What an ending of such a volatile week with SPY going from 427 up to 435 in 4-5 hours is an insane move. However I’m still bearish and think that Puts will be the play in October.
Anyway, let’s se how the triggers from yesterday played out today.

$NFLX 600p 🚀 - triggered right at open since NFLX gapped down, but drilled down further and the 600p went ITM. Entry 2.00 -> 4.50 = 125% profit
$BLNK 29c 🛑 - traded above entry trigger but failed to continue. Gap & crap.
$SNAP 76c 🛑 - same as BLNK above, gap & crap.
$NVDA 205p 🚀 - this one was a gap & go, well at least until the market reverted. Profit is profit! 1.77 -> 3.10 = 80%
$AMD 100p 🛑 - looked good after trigger but went flat and so the 100p was a fail.
$SNAP 73p 🛑 - After the76c failed above SNAP tried the lows and failed as well…
$PYPL 265c 🛑 - this took a long time to trigger, to late for the 0dte 265c to fight against Theta

Did some scalps on QQQ and SPY as well, whily the first 3 trades went green with 10-15% profit each, I lost all trades based on clear entry signals according to #TheStrat on 5m/15m/60m and got stopped out early.
Worst one was the $SPY 433c which entered with .74 and got stopped out at .60 after 4 minutes, reverted right after I got stopped out and went up to 2.00.
This happened to often this week and I have to backtest my current strategy for scalping, because overall the week went red for me because of to much of these fails.

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