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Recap of my trading day 9/30 with #TheStrat

Another day that started out pretty choppy without even predicting a direction. Got burned by a few trades that had clear triggers but still went against me, right after I entered them. I think you know what I mean, you enter a traded and instantly it reverses the direction and stops you out. Happened a few times today and I should stopped trading but still traded and turned my green day into a red one because of end of market day.

Let’s have a look at the alerts today that triggered:

$BYND 105p 🚀 - triggered then got flat but early entry was profitable 1.15 -> 1.55 = 35% (Note to self: BYND is spready!)
$ORCL 90p 🚀 - play of the day! triggered and stayed to have enough time for an entry. 0.40 -> 2.70 = 570%
$MSFT 290c 🛑 - triggered and instantly reversed, failed

Did also some intraday scalps on AAPL, SPY and QQQ (Inside bar alerts), but even with clear reversal triggers on the 15m and 60m most of them failed.

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