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Recap of my trading day 9/29 with #TheStrat

Expected some better trades because of more volatility, but my picks for today failed, except AAPL. Didn’t traded one of the alerts today, since I wasn’t on the desk at all.

$WYNN 82p 🛑 - triggered right at open, traded back into opening range and stayed pretty flat. After that 3-1 setup forming yesterday, I expected a larger move. Failed.
$CVX 103p 🛑 - triggered right at open, like all my other picks, back into opening range and flat.
$BAC 43p 🛑 - looked so goot with that red shooter candle yesterday, but as the rest, triggered and failed.
$AAPL 144c 🚀 - triggered from my 4-hour entry around 142.88 and got up to 144 area, so there was some money to pull out of the market today. 1.00 -> 1.40 = 40%
$GM 53p 🛑 - Expected a pull back with the 2u and red yesterday, but as the others, opened low stayed in opening range the rest of the day.

Let’s move on and see what tomorrow will bring. ✌️

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