Recap of my trading day 9/27 with #TheStrat

Mondays… #TheStrat-wise not the best days because we try to get a direction or see a possible trigger, which most likely starts on Tuesdays. But today some of the triggers worked as well, better than expected.

$AMD 103p 🛑 - triggered at open and failed, small loss, because of tight stops.
$BA 227.5c 🚀 - triggered but BA was on a run and even opened above the trigger and didn’t stopped. Could get a good entry.
$CVX 102c 🚀 - same as BA, CVX opened above 102.5 already, so I didn’t chase, no good entry afterwards, traded sideways
$BAC 42c 🚀 - I mean… c’mon I had a 30m delay on CVX and BAC because they are normally slow-movers. But when the alert triggered, no good entry possible for a play.
$AMD 108c 🚀 - this was the play of the day, entry exact hit, and AMD ran up and stopped a bit above my projected targets. Nice 75% for me. .84 -> 1.46. Some got an even better entry.

Sadly because of the gaps for 3 of the alerts a good re-entry was not visible to me. So I didn’t chased and looked for other plays. Even with the 5min ORB I currently try to find entries I didn’t felt confident to trade them.

Not bad for a Monday, one out of 5 alerts was a big winner, 3 not traded and one with a small loss.