Recap of my trading day 9/20 with #TheStrat

What a fantastic start in the week! Seriously that was long overdue and finally opens opportunities to target last ATHs on our favorite stocks. Since I also had bearish setups for today, they banked! If you waited after market open the first 15-30minutes and look at the setups you could still go in on these and made some good money. So I would call them all nice profits, here we go:

$DKNG hit triggered at open because of gap, like nearly all tech stocks, but if you waited for a setup, the around 10AM was a sweet spot. 9/24 59p 1.60 -> 3.00 = 87%
$AAPL hit same as DKNG, wait and around 10AM 9/24 144p 2.15-> 3.50 = 60%
$MU hit I repeat me, 10AM… 9/24 73p 1.70 -> 2.30 = 35%
$FSLY hit retriggered at 10:05AM 9/24 43p .90 -> 1.80 = 100%
$PTON hit next one 10AM 9/24 100p 1.50 -> 3.20 = 110%
$AMD hit you know the time… 9/24 101p 1.55 -> 2.70 = 75%

Yes we can discuss if anyone took the trades after they already triggered, but as I mentioned earlier, if you watched the 15m and even the 60m chart closeley there were lots of entry for them.

*Important part is: On none of the above plays you would’ve stopped out after entered at around 10AM and could’ve taken the foll profits…

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring, on to the scanners.