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Recap of my trading day 9/17 with #TheStrat

Wow what a volatile day, I had it more bullish on my plays, but anyways, great close of a quadwitch week

$MRNA - hit - had the trigger from the 4hour entry for a possible 2-1-2 reversal and it played out well but as a 1-3 to the downside the 420p 2.30 -> 14.00 = 510%

$ORCL - failed - apparently that one was weird, because whole tech dipped down and only a few stocks went up, ORCL was one of those after it triggered right at open, was never a good point for getting into the Put.

Only 2 our of possible 8 alerts triggered, because I had 6 bullish alerts as well. But nothing happened because as #TheStrat teaches, we wait for a trigger and than enter, not before. Pure price action!

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