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12 days without my MacBook

After 12 days without my MacBook Pro (2015) I got it back today with a new display and Logic board. The communicated 3-5 days were way to positive, but 12 days is disappointing. I know that the Geniuses have a lot of work, because of iPhone battery replacements, MacBook keyboard replacements and other things. What surprised me, was that I had to sign in to iCloud and other services again. Seems that some of this services are bound to a chip on the logic board? Also Apple Mail requested the password for main IMAP accounts again (non iCloud). iMessage in the cloud als stopped working and is still missing some messages from the past 12 days. I already disabled/enabled it and hit the sync now button. Nothing happened.

Since I’ve FileVault activated and also a root password set, I don’t think that someone got into my account and reset it.

Anyway, I’m glad I got it back and thanks to Apple Care the amount to pay was 0€ 😌

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